Alice in wonderland kush

Alice in wonderland kush


Alice in Wonderland is a sativa cannabis strain the produces bright emerald green buds speckled with mint shades of green that are shaped like spades and enveloped with amber pistils. Its aroma is of wild flowers and fresh soil, with a taste reminiscent of blueberries and earth.



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Alice In Wonderland Strain Review

History Of Alice In Wonderland Strain

The origins of the Alice in Wonderland are unknown, however, there are a lot of rumors that it was bred from Willy’s Wonder strain in 1970. The effects of these 2 strains are quite different, Willy’s wonder is more sedative, and much stronger with an insane 30% THC level. The Wonderland Weed, on the other hand, is a more balanced strain that gives you relaxation while keeping you awake and alert.

Alice In Wonderland Cannabis Strain Effects

Alice in Wonderland will help you get in touch with your creative side while avoiding the stoner tendencies that come with higher levels of Sativa. The high comes in nice and quick in just after a few hits. This may differ a bit depending on the levels of THC since there are versions ranging from 15-23%.

Speaking technically, Alice in Wonderland strain is a hybrid of 15:85 indica to Sativa ratio, this means that you are getting more of the relaxation and introspective effect peppered with a bit of uplifting zing from the indica to keep you from dozing alice in wonderland online Ireland,alice in wonderland for sale Dublin,Where to buy alice in wonderland Cork,order alice in wonderland Limerick,Galway

Curiosity, creativity, increased awareness and desire to explore all while enjoying the relaxing benefits. This strain strikes the perfect balance, it keeps you relaxed without putting you asleep, the buzz comes with a bit of euphoria, energy and increased awareness of things that you focus on.

Whatever you do, distractions fall aside and you delve deeper, that’s why it is perfect for creative endeavors. If you don’t take too much it will make you feel easy and light, perfect for sunny days with friends and outdoor activities such as hiking or exploring cities as a tourist.

Medical Appointments Of Alice in Wonderland Strain

Due to the higher THC values of this strain and the uplifting happy vibe it brings, it is good for battling depression, anxiety, and stress. In some cases, it is also shown to be good at reducing the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also due to the 85% Sativa concentration, it is perfect for battling chronic pain and muscle spasms. Basically it relaxes the muscles and because of the mind-body connection, this also relaxes the mind and reduces anxiety and stress.

It might be obvious but when we are talking about medical applications it is still important to note that weed will strongly increase your appetite and can be used to combat some gastrointestinal disorders. And lastly, it might be a good solution for those that are seeking to gain weight.

Negatives Of The Alice In Wonderland Strain

When it comes to the negatives the Alice in Wonderland Strain is not much different from the negatives of general weed usage. Expect to get dry mouth and dry eyes, nothing scary, just mildly annoying. If you prepare by getting a water bottle and eye drops before smoking, you can easily alleviate these symptoms.

Also, when taking higher dosages you might get anxious or even a bit paranoid and dizzy. This is nothing dangerous and you are more likely to get it if you are not an experienced alice in wonderland online Ireland,alice in wonderland for sale Dublin,Where to buy alice in wonderland Cork,order alice in wonderland Limerick,Galway

What Are The Reasons To Choose Alice In Wonderland Strain

Light and Dark mix of Green with orange/yellow spots on the surface, the bud is usually shaped like a spade. Not very sticky.

Smell and aroma

The smell is fruity with traces of some earthy tones.

Flavor – Blueberry and earth

The taste is also fruity and reminds of blueberry more specifically. Also, you can trace some fresh earthy flavors.


Great against depression, stress, anxiety, and PTSD. Amazing muscle relaxers and does wonders against muscle cramps and pain, increases appetite and is a good remedy for some digestive problems. Lastly, it boosts creativity and gets focused deeper on the thing you are doing

Who Should Choose The Alice In Wonderland Strain?

Being on the higher end of THC levels, we wouldn’t recommend this to anybody that is a total newbie when it comes to weed, as a beginner it is pretty hard to measure when you had enough. Overdoing it can lead to some anxiety, slight paranoia, and hallucinations. Nothing super dangerous, but it can be an unpleasant experience.

If you have smoked a joint or two and you want to do some daily – outdoor activity, then this is the perfect option for you. Anything involving sunlight is simply awesome under the Alice in Wonderland weed gets you relaxed, free from stress, your awareness is focused and you get curious and aroused easily. Perfect if you are a tourist looking to explore in a country where you can get it alice in wonderland online Ireland,alice in wonderland for sale Dublin,Where to buy alice in wonderland Cork,order alice in wonderland Limerick,Galway

Opinion By Growers

Quite surprisingly growers of Alice in Wonderland are pretty hard to find on the internet. The same goes for the seeds, one piece will cost you around $9 – $10 depending on the quantity of your order.

How Popular Is It By Growers?

Currently, there is not much competition on the market. So if you are considering growing, this might just be the right opportunity to be among the first on the market. The bud has 5 start reviews around users, the effects are pretty unique and the name is super catchy.

How To Grow This Strain?

The flowering time is around 7-8 weeks or around 60 days, depending on your setup or your preference. If you choose to grow it naturally outside they will flower at the end of September and yield around 500g per plant. If you decide to grow it inside it will give a yield of roughly 500g/m2.

If you do decide to embark on this journey, make sure that you read up more on the popular techniques for growing, because there are plenty of hacks that can increase the potency and taste. And when you are dealing with a high-quality seed like this one, it would be a shame not to get the most of it.

Related And Alternative Strains

Alice in Wonderland is related genetically to Willy’s wonder, although the effects are very different, you could say that Alice is a much more balanced version of Willy’s Wonder which is one of the strongest Sativas.

Other alternative strains include the Blueberry Muffin and Blue Dream strains, hybrids that have a very similar taste and smell.

  • 85% indica, 15% sativa, 20% THC.
  • Alice in Wonderland is a strong strain that will get you high in just a few hits. It is a hybrid of 85% indica and 15% Sativa, a perfect mix of both relaxation and stimulation.
  • You will experience relaxed, focused – deepening awareness, increased creativity, and happiness. It is the right choice for fun outdoor activities or an excellent tool for creative work such as composing music or drawing.
  • It can be used for treating the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. May also help against loss of appetite and some digestive problems. Lastly, it really works wonders for relaxing muscles and has some pain-reducing properties.
  • Higher dosages may even induce light – dreamlike hallucinogenic experiences or an anxious reaction, depending on your luck, mind-state, and tolerance.
  • The taste and smell are fruit-like, reminiscent of blueberries and fresh soil. The flowers from Alice in Wonderland are not very sticky and they form shapes of spades, colored light emerald green and with some yellowish tones on the surface.
  • One blunt of Alice in wonderland would set you back around 5-8 USD, and one seed around 10 USD. However it is pretty hard to find it online, so growing it on your own might be the best alice in wonderland online Ireland,alice in wonderland for sale Dublin,Where to buy alice in wonderland Cork,order alice in wonderland Limerick,Galway

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