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From the name Gelato it’s obvious that this awesome strain is a concentrate extracted from the Gelato weed strain. The Gelato cannabis strain is an indica dominant hybrid with 55% indica and 45% sativa. The weed strain is one of the most famous and popular names of the cannabis family in recent times. The slightly indica dominant hybrid came into existence by crossing two awesome delicious strains, that is the credible Sunset Sherbert and the great Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. These two blend of quality is what gives cannabis consumers the urge to consume or buy gelato sugar wax.

This Product is an extract of Gelato which is an incredibly potent strain with a great high. The strain has been backcrossed several times which has resulted in other great phenotypes. For example the Larry Bird, which was names after the famous NBA player is a phenotype of the original Gelato weed gelato sugar wax Ireland ,Where to buy gelato sugar wax Cork,order gelato sugar wax Dublin,buy gelato wax Limerick,gelato sugar wax for sale Waterford

The THC Content Of Gelato

While there are many balanced hybrids in the weed market today, not all are actually potent or popular this great weed strain. The strain’s THC is high, ranging from 21%-25% THC. The THC content rarely goes below 21% but may slightly pass 25% at times. This obviously means that the Gelato strain is not too good for beginners because the effects are just too heavy or strong for beginners.

The Effects Of  Strain

Buy Gelato sugar wax for is great quality as inherited from the strain it’s extracted from especially consumers with high taste or preference for indica. Though the strain is a slightly balanced hybrid, it has a little more of the indica effect than the sativa. The high begins relatively quicker and hits the user faster than most of its competitors. It may cause high levels of Paranoia and anxiety for beginners. In addition to these effects, this strain also cause heavy body based effects which are extremely relaxing and may discourage activity and possibly couch lock situations may arise. Medically wise, Gelato is a very useful weed strain when it comes to treating conditions like spasm, chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, fatigue, depression and lots more. This are obviously the best qualities consumers consider before the decision to buy Gelato sugar gelato sugar wax Ireland ,Where to buy gelato sugar wax Cork,order gelato sugar wax Dublin,buy gelato wax Limerick,gelato sugar wax for sale Waterford

There are a ton of different types of marijuana extracts, but none comes close to the magnificent flavors from sugar wax concentrate. There are a few reasons for its name, the first is because of its physical texture, resembling the grain of sugar. It has a resemblance of ear wax too, but with a sugary grain. It’s important to remember that a lot of cannabis extracts can form this consistency with the environment or even physically whipping up some concentrates. A great example is with the shatter type of concentrates, it can begin to turn into a sugary consistency with the exposure to a hot environment.

How is Sugar Wax Concentrate Made?

Making sugar wax type of concentrates requires using a solvent such as butane, and a purging process right afterwards to remove the solvent.  Let’s first explain the difference between shatter and wax THC. Basically, the shatter type of concentrate that has retained a crystal like structure that allows it to be transparent. The wax type of concentrate on the other hand has lost its shatter consistency, and no longer becomes see through. Shatter is nice to dab, but it does not offer the same intense flavors as the sugar wax concentrate form.



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